Accessing credible and experienced therapists in Nigeria often proves difficult and inconvenient. PsyndUp however wants to fix that. With our online directory of mental health professionals and a private and secure means of booking sessions with them, you’re one step closer to feeling and living better.

Anonymous Chat

Need a more personal conversation, but don’t necessarily want to see a therapist? Connect and chat with PsyndUp’s peers about anxiety, stress, depression, relationships, whatever you want; We’re here to listen!

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Online Community

When you Get PsyndUp, you will gain access to our online support community where you’ll meet others with similar experiences. Ask questions in our forums, share on the blog, and talk to our friends on the anonymous chat box.

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Professional Directory

As a therapist, you will have the opportunity to reach and help Nigerians on their journey to wellness. You will also have the opportunity to network and build formidable partnerships with like minded professionals.

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Building a safe environment for open discussion.
Working together to raise awareness for mental health.
Ensuring your online engagement is always kept private.